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Tailored Homes Cairns

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Tailored Homes Cairns

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Tailored Homes Cairns

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Tailored Homes Cairns

Ready to Design & Build A Tailored Home

Step 1 - First enquiry and site meeting
You will have an onsite meeting with our principal builder, Tim, to review the various options available for your specific block of land, as well as discuss your building wish list. 

Step 2 - Concept design with our in-house design team
Proceeding the onsite meeting, our in-house design team will tailor a concept design using our expert knowledge, creativity and innovation in alignment with your wish list and budget provisions. During this time you will be given plenty of opportunities to provide feedback and design changes to your tailored home design. 

From the first meeting through to the concept design, price estimates and working drawings our team will be in constant communication.

Tailored Homes Cairns

Step 3 - Price estimate on concept drawings
Upon approval of the concept drawing, an estimate of the final building cost will be generated allowing you to determine whether the proposed drawing is within your budget specifications.

Step 4 - Working drawings with our in-house design team
After approval of the concept stage, our in-house design team will complete the work drawings of your new home, giving you a complete set of drawings to begin the build of your original and distinctive home.

Step 5 - Building quote and contract signing
After the working drawings are approved, we will prepare your final building quote and inclusion list. This allows for complete transparency to ensure there are no hidden costs or unexpected charges. Once the building quote is finalised and we are ready to initiate building, a Master Builder’s contract will be generated and signed by all relevant parties.

Step 6 - Interior and Exterior selections
Once the contract is signed and your build is ready to go, you will be given the opportunity to sit down with our colour and selection specialist to complete the interior and exterior selections for your new home. This includes selecting the colours, kitchen fittings, bathroom fittings, and the tile, floor and cabinetry layouts. At the end of this process you will be presented with your own tailored detailed schedule of finishes and specifications for your new home.

Step 7 – Commencement of construction
It is now time to start construction on your new tailored home. Our team will submit all the relevant paperwork to the local authority to obtain the building approvals so that construction can promptly commence. Our team will be in constant contact with you throughout construction so you know where you new home is at every step of the way.

Tailored Homes Cairns


Tailored Homes Cairns are more than happy to work with clients who have predesigned plans completed by an architect or draftsmen. Upon receipt of your plans, we will provide you with a custom home proposal, along with a building quote and inclusion list. We can also use our knowledge and expertise to provide feedback on your design and work with you through any refinements or improvements. 

If you would like a custom home proposal for your plans please do not hesitate to email or phone, we will be more than happy to assist.


Tailored Homes Cairns


If you have purchased land and are not sure of the next step in the process, Tailored Homes Cairns are happy to meet with you onsite and discuss your building options and run through the building process. This meeting is at no charge to you, moreover, it gives you the opportunity to chat in detail with a builder about how the building process works and what options are available when designing and making selections for your new home.

If you would like to meet onsite at your block of land for an obligation free chat, please email or phone and we will arrange a suitable time.

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